Eco Friendly plantable seed pencil – Traditionally Handcrafted



PLANTS from Pencils? Yes ! – Write until it lasts – Plant it – Nurture it – Watch it grow!

Biodegradable – Sustainable – MADE FROM 100% RECYCLED PAPER

The seed paper pencil contains plant variants : Marigold, Tomato, Chilli, Okra, Methi,  Brinjal, Basil, Sunflower, Spinach, Coriander – It can be planted at home, at the office, or in the classroom

Contains High Quality Seeds

These are Innovative Eco friendly Pencils made from recycled paper . Can be sharpened like normal pencil. It has different types of germinating seeds enclosed inside capsule. After using the pencil just plant it.

Seed Paper India give you a pencil with a seed. Its a pencil that wants to be a plant when it grows up. When it’s too short to use, BL’s Seed Pencil to grow herbs, flowers and more!

Weight .10 kg
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 1 cm