2. Green Tea Natural Face Wash – Skin Detox 120 ml


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Traditionally Handcrafted Green Tea Natural Face Wash fight free radicals, toxins & sun damage while boosting collagen to plump and firm skin. Vitamins C, B5 + E protect against daily stressors, promote circulation & skin rejuvenation, prevent inflammation and pigmentation.
Unlike commercial flavored face wash with harsh chemicals, this Green tea natural face wash for All Skin Types uses natural botanicals (direct green tea leaf infused) to gently dissolve dull surface cells, grime & excess oils before they can settle and cause blemishes, irritation, or premature aging.
Whether your skin is normal, dry, sensitive, or oily, this natural face wash is safe and effective for daily skin care use.
Direction to use: Wet face and hands. Apply 1 pump to hands and work into a lather. Massage face and neck gently for 30 seconds to release purifying antioxidants, Rinse thoroughly and pat dry. Use in the morning and evening.
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