Rose water & Vetiver shampoo + conditioner 500 ml – Natural Hydration

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Traditionally handcrafted rose and vetiver shampoo + conditioner with Rose Water transforms from a water to a gentle foam lather (even works with hard water) for a deep clean without stripping or harsh friction to help cut down time on wash day. Perfect for all hair types. Direct extracts of rose petals and vetiver helps the liquid formula instantly flow through hair providing easy scalp access and quickly rinses clean. The Aroma of real rose and vetiver that brings joy with every breath, along with the surprisingly light and heavenly texture, will energize your hair and scalp with health and happiness.

Ingredients: Rose extracts, Vetiver,  distilled aqua, sweet almond oil, amla extract, hibiscus leaf, coco glucoside, various herbal extracts & essentials.
Direction to use: Take generous quantity of product, apply it in scalp and length of the hair and massage throughout wet hair to get natural lather and rinse thoroughly.