3. Premium Hair Growth Package – Dark Edition (with additional Iranian almond goodness)


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This most effective package contains:

Cold Pressed hair growth oil 100 ml
The main causes of hair fall are known to be dry scalp, lack of hydration and protein deficiency. As we have seen earlier, these common problems can be solved by this cold pressed hair growth oil.

With the benefits for strong almond and sesame seed extracts, the main benefits of oiling hair is that it helps improve hair growth. You can also opt for a massaging method while applying hair oil, as it is known to improve blood circulation in the scalp. Apart from hydrating your scalp and stimulating hair growth, hair oiling also strengthens your hair. It provides important minerals and nutrients for the scalp. It will prevent external damage and strengthens the hair roots as well. Therefore, having strong and healthy hair is also one of the benefits of cold pressed hair growth oil.

The Banana & Shikaka Shampoo + Conditioner 200ml – Chemical free

It’s not just shampoo that can strengthen and brighten your hair texture with natural extracts of banana, amla and Shikaka as main ingredients.

Our natural shampoo + conditioner is formulated specifically for your needs. After taking more research formulated a shampoo that is packed with natural ingredients, picked to specifically address your hair care needs. Based on your preferences, this banana + Shikaka extracted shampoo can also be made vegan, gluten-free, silicone-free, or artificial fragrance-free.


Direction to use: 

Take few drops of hair growth oil, apply it into your scalp massage for a minute and comb your hair. On the day of your hair shower , Apply little more of hair growth oil into your scalp and length of your hair, after minimum 20 minutes (you can also follow over night oiling if possible) rinse well with Banana & Shikaka shampoo + conditioner. Use weekly twice or thrice in a week for good results.


Best before 10 months from manufacturing date. Always you will get fresh batch. 

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