Hair Regrowth Combo – Controls Hair fall, boost Your Hair Growth Naturally

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Combo contains Cold Pressed Onion Hair Growth Oil 200 ml and Rose Vetiver Shampoo + Conditioner 500 ml
Cold Pressed Onion Hair Growth Oil:
Traditionally Handcrafted Cold Pressed Onion Hair Growth Oil for hair growth is true remedy for those seeking to get hair back to a healthy state and grow it as long as it can get. This enriched onion formula works great for all hair types, especially those who desire a treatment for high frizzies. This intensive cold Pressed oil is perfect for those who regularly straighten, perm or heat style their hair. Packed with intensive hydration, it effectively penetrates to treat the scalp and each hair strand with nutrients, minerals and vitamins, bringing damaged or chemically processed hair back to life.
Ingredients: Onion extracts, sesame, rose mary, coconut, henna, lodhra, brahmi, vetiver, bilva, extra virgin olive & various herbal extracts
Rose & Vetiver Shampoo + Conditioner:
Traditionally handcrafted rose and vetiver shampoo + conditioner with Rose Water transforms from a water to a gentle foam lather (even works with hard water) for a deep clean without stripping or harsh friction to help cut down time on wash day. Perfect for all hair types. Direct extracts of rose petals and vetiver helps the liquid formula instantly flow through hair providing easy scalp access and quickly rinses clean. The Aroma of real rose and vetiver that brings joy with every breath, along with the surprisingly light and heavenly texture, will energize your hair and scalp with health and happiness.
Ingredients: Rose extracts, Vetiver,  distilled aqua, sweet almond oil, amla extract, hibiscus leaf, coco glucoside, various herbal extracts & essentials.
Direction to use: Take few drops of cold pressed onion hair growth oil, apply it into your scalp massage for a minute and comb your hair. On the day of your hair shower , Apply little more of hair growth oil into your scalp and length of your hair, after minimum 20 minutes not more than 2 hours (Few may catch cold), rinse well and take shower using Rose & Vetiver Shampoo + Conditioner.